We are committed to providing a safe, clean and respectful environment for all members and guests at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness. The Golden Rules have been established to ensure we are able to deliver on this with the assistance of members abiding by the rules.

A towel MUST be used at all times

By using a towel, you are preventing the spread of bacteria and germs! Our gym staff do the best to ensure all members are using towels by asking on entry. If you have forgotten your towel, you can hire one from Gym Reception for $3.

Treat Equipment with care and return your weights

Returning equipment makes it easier for the next person to locate what they’re looking for and prevents trip hazards! Dropping and slamming weights is also prohibited at DOOLEYS Health + Fitness.

Efficiently work through your sets!

Avoid using your phone or getting caught up in conversation while stationed at a machine. You never know when someone is waiting to use the machine you are on. We ask that you please efficiently work through your sets to allow for others to use the machines too.

Wipe Equipment down after use

There are antibacterial wipes available all around the gym. Wiping down machines after use prevents the spread of bacteria and germs.